Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

The great thing is that real estate investment trusts (REITs) offer some of the best-paying jobs in the real estate industry. The REITs market has risen recently, with its value growing to $3.5 trillion at the end of 2021. So, this means more job opportunities. 

Real estate jobs in REITs range from property development to working as a sales manager. People working for a REIT can benefit from a stable shared income, thanks to their trust’s portfolio of properties and high salaries with comprehensive employee benefits such as medical coverage, retirement plans, and stock options. 

Working for a real estate investment trust is attractive because of the attractive financial rewards and because it allows individuals to work with experienced professionals and build relationships throughout their careers. 

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What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

REITs are firms that own and manage real estate assets that individuals can invest in. Many REITs can be traded publicly on the stock market, including New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. 

Investing in REITs is beneficial because investing in real estate is easy without worrying about buying and managing your own physical property. For employees, it’s a great way to work with different real estates industries, such as leisure and hospitality, healthcare, retail, and storage. 

In this blog, you’ll find the best-paying jobs in REITs. 

Best Paying Jobs in the Real Estate Investment Trusts

1. CEO

Required Qualifications: Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics/ Engineering

Salary: Up to $500,000 per year

The Chief Executive Officer makes final decisions influencing the company’s performance and direct reports. They will usually be highly experienced, with over 20 years of experience. 

CEOs will also oversee deal structures and work closely with external parties like lawyers and bankers. They will also cooperate with the CFO, finance managers, and investor relations to ensure the company’s day-to-day management runs smoothly.    

2. Sales Manager

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or job experience as a real estate agent or broker

Salary: Up to $161,920

Sales managers are there to find investors to fund projects. They will usually target institutional investors and need to get involved in marketing materials, create and maintain relationships with investors, and improve REIT product strategies. 

Employers usually prefer sales managers with prior experience in real estate, finance-related sales, investments, or investor relations. Having experience in private equity might also be a bonus. 

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3. Financial Risk Specialist

Required Qualifications: Master’s degree and/or professional certification in the area of finance or risk management

Salary: Up to $171,000

Financial Risk Specialists analyze and measure potential risks that threaten the assets, earnings, and the company’s economic state. 

Individuals with commercial insurance backgrounds may be suitable for this role, but having previous real estate experience can be hugely beneficial. 

Specialists will work with REITs’ insurance programs and claims and may also work with property management to ensure operations are completed safely. 

4. Investor Relations Manager and Client Relations Manager

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Communications, Economics, or related fields. A Master’s degree is not necessary but is a plus.

Salary: Around $144,000

Relationship managers are responsible for increasing earnings by keeping customers over time and supporting sales goals. They work closely with clients, ensure customers’ needs are met, and seek opportunities to create an excellent experience to build customer loyalty. 

Investor relations managers report on the company’s results, strategy, and plans. Their aim is to develop not only the company’s shareholders but also its employees and management. Relations managers must ensure the reports are factually correct, timely, and coherent.

5. Asset Management

Required Qualifications: At least a bachelor’s degree in business, real estate, or a related field and asset management experience 

Salary: Up to $250,000

Asset managers overlook the operational and financial side of REIT investment portfolios. They will find real estate investments based on the client’s financial goals and must think of zoning laws, taxes, and neighborhood demographics. 

Asset managers will work closely with the vice president or senior vice president. They’ll also collaborate with the accounting, acquisitions, development, and finance department to accomplish goals. 

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6. Real Estate Attorney

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, pass the Law School Admission Test, complete a 3-year graduate program and pass the bar examination in the state.

Salary: Around $125,000

A real estate attorney is in charge of settling different property disputes. They may include the issuance of titles, transferring, documentation, or other legal problems regarding real estate. 

Attorneys are essential in REITs since they are middlemen between buyers, sellers, and the company. They also give legal advice to buyers and sellers so that both parties understand the regulations in real estate transactions and avoid conflicts. 

7. Site Acquisition Specialist 

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in finance, real estate, business, or economics.

Salary: Up to $160,000  

Site acquisition specialists help with the overall real estate acquisition and the technicalities, legal, and contracts to create it. Site specialists also assist with the operational side, such as entitlements, building codes, and leasing. 

8. Accountant 

Required Qualifications: Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics

Salary: Up to $128,970 

If you’re a fan of working with numbers, working as an accountant might suit you.  

There are many accounting roles in REITs and specialized jobs for tax and project accountants. A general accountant’s duties include dealing with accounts payable, managing invoices, and helping with tax returns. 

How to get a job at a REIT?

Since all roles above need formal education, you should ensure you have the right qualifications. 

If you have a related degree without experience, consider applying to entry positions at your desired department. 

But you can learn on the job if you haven’t got a degree. Sometimes, REITs will cover your educational expenses if you’re hired. 

REITs will post most vacancies on normal places like job boards, but higher paying roles may be through a recruiter. 


In short, the real estate industry is increasingly growing. There will always be someone looking to rent a house, entrepreneurs looking for office spaces, or corporations seeking buildings for their employees. 

As part of the real estate industry, REITs are also steadily growing, with investors funding the different projects. 

If you’re looking to work in REITs, there are great paying jobs, such as asset managers, site acquisition specialists, financial risk specialists, or sales managers.