7 Tips To Better Content Marketing – Things You Can Do Today To Improve

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It is important to make sure that your content marketing has as many of the points discussed below as possible. Having a banner in your sidebar isn’t enough either. Below are the points to take into consideration.

1. Engage with your brand

content marketing stratigiesThe secret to successful content marketing is in its inclusion of ways through which people can work deeply with you, your brand, and your business.

By allowing a person to learn from you and share his/her experiences with you can lead him/her to ultimately share your post. Better yet purchase something from you or sign up for emails from you.

You can engage your readers who really desire to be engaged.

What you are doing is targeting in a way which will allow only the best and most qualified of your readers to accept your offers. So, the better you present your content, the more readers you get and ultimately, the more sales you get.

But be careful not to send your entire list to a blog post instead of a sales page as that can cause your overall revenue to decrease at first, even though eventually, your finished content will increase your long-term overall revenue while causing refunds and unsubscribes to reduce.

Also, the conversion rates related to your sales videos are bound to increase because of pre-framing.


2. Calls to Action

content marketingAnother point to take note of is the fact that every blog post is expected to have at least three calls to action. These are: 

  1. Display banner ads in your sidebar or in the article itself. 
  2. In-text links that send readers directly to your sales and landing pages.
  3. Other native ads which can either appear as a part of the article or as an aside which links the product to the landing page.

It is important to make sure that your blog posts have at least three calls to action as having a call to action at the beginning, middle and end of your blog post immensely increases clicks on your sales video links. Be sure to post a link only after you are sure that the reader has found what he/she needs and is clicking the link to purchase.

3. Control Internal Links

Some readers require more proof before making up their minds to buy. In turn, this causes them to go through the rest of your site to look for their proof. These kinds of readers require that you include links that will take the reader to other material on the site which can convince them. So, having a great amount of content helps.

Be sure to hotlink any great write-up you have done on a strategy or plan, which has been referenced so that these readers can dig through your site in detail. This will strengthen your position as an expert, validate your brand and your readers will, without a doubt, be interested in clicking a sales link for purchase.

4. Linking External Content

Some time back, linking external content where necessary was kind of a big deal because it made Google see your site as authoritative. However, the aim here is to show your readers that you are authoritative.

You can do this with your content marketing by linking your content to a YouTube Video. Maybe an amazing blog post from a guest writer or some other website such as Facebook or Twitter.

5. Content Marketing – Images

Content Marketing blog

For content to be great, it needs images and with sites like Pinterest, the sharing of images has been made pretty simple.
So, whether you buy it as stock photography or you get them from some piece of curated content, your blog post should have images. If you have a lot of traffic—images will tell the story better.

6. Content Marketing – Social Sharing

It is important to make sure that readers are able to share your content to their connections. So, make sure to enable social sharing buttons on your website. There are a lot of plugins and themes which come with built-in sharing functions. However, people will share only information that will make them seem entertaining, educated or smart. So, if your content is scanty, people won’t share it.

7. Add a Good Feel to Your Content

Content Marketing made easy

Finally, your content must make use of the following to give it a good feel:

  • Sub-headlines so as to highlight specific sections of your website and content.
  • Use Google to index and rank your content through Relevant keywords. 
  • Links should show in a color which differentiates them from other text.
  • Be sure to post articles that will capture your reader’s attention, and lastly, Do your best to deliver positive value.

So in conclusion, if you follow the above 7 tips in your content marketing then you should be able to engage your readers and generate sales of your products or offers.

I hope you now have a clearer picture of what it takes to be a great content marketer. If this has helped you, I would love to know about it in the comments section below.

Talk again soon,
Tim Novak
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