Tim Novak - Traffic exchangesHi, my name is Tim Novak and for the past couple years I have been fascinated with online marketing. I have been an entrepreneur for the past decade and I love it.

Where I started:

I started out with some, albeit antiquated knowledge of working online. Back in around 2003-2005, I started my own web hosting Business. This was a great experience as I did not know anything about running a business.

I did pretty well for a while and then I had my first failure. The supplier I got my managed servers from, up and shut down one day and poof, Left me and my clients…some prepaid for a year holding the bag. I had to refund those customers so that no one got screwed but me. After all, it was my business so my fault. so anyway no more hosting business. I decided to go a more brick and mortar path and started an Auto transport business and ran that business until 2016. 

You would think that I would regret that failure. But I do not. That lesson (not failure) taught me to be very cautious, to think ahead and have a backup plan.

Now, I currently run 5 blogs, develop Shopify stores and I also built this site Learn Build Profit to be my flagship as I sail into the great unknown….The world of Internet Marketing. OH, I also design and build all my sites and products my self.  The more you know right? 

My goal is to help people that are new or intermediate with methods that I would have loved to have had when I started.

Now, I give away some of my content through the blog here, so, unfortunately, I don’t have a Ferrari or big PayPal screenshot and no outrageous claims I can’t back up. Sorry. Maybe in the future.  

I plan on dropping some really good content over the next couple months. So join my email list to be the first to receive anything I give away. 

What? Whats that? you need to see some bling to get you pumped up?…Ok, Fine if you have to have Ferrari’s, houses, and outrageous claims here you go. Heres a pic of my Bike, One of my cars and my guest house.

ferrai and huge house

Calm down, ladies! Well Yes, I am single. Call me? 876-5309

As you can clearly see,  If you read my content you will be able to buy this kinda stuff like right away…. I mean virtually overnight you can dump that Honda and 2 bedroom apt and go out and buy things like this…. Why stop there. How about a girlfriend. Got to have a beautiful woman to impress with all these things. Hold on I will go google one real quick.

Ok, I found her.

nation lampoons ferrari

OK…OK… This is obviously the woman and car from national lampoon’s vacation(Great Movie). But you get the drift.

I mean it’s so simple, just buy a Lamborghini and half-naked women start throwing themselves at you whenever you park.


Man, this is easier than I thought.

My Current PayPal balance proof:

How about some friends?

Here I am with my friends. This is how we walk everywhere. We are very close. I remember this day as we were meeting some friends at the beach.  And before you ask….Chandler lost an eye and Ross lost an ear.  They were attacked by a cow in times square on there way to Olive Garden. Sad Really but they are holding up!

me and friends

The best part is I didn’t even have to rent any of it. Someone else already has. So this costs me zilch…nadda…big goose egg… Thank you internet stars for wasting your money so I can save mine!

Ok back to reality. I don’t have any of this stuff and you will not make enough money from reading my content to magically buy these tomorrow. If you do I want 23%

Ok Enough about me.

Final thoughts:

Seriously, What you will get is a better understanding of many of the principle concepts related to online marketing.

Now, My content that I am giving away for free is not meant to be a catch-all.  I am sure there are many other ways that are just as good, if not better to skin the proverbial cat.   If you try my tactics and you lose $100 don’t come crying. Buck up and spend some more until you start profiting. Then just do a lot of whats profitable. 

Online marketing is an intricate balance of value, trust, sales and making educated decisions based on statistics. Master all four and you can buy me that Ferrari!

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** No cows were harmed in the making of this story. Can’t say the same for Chandler and Ross though.