Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products to Your Email List

Promoting to Your Email List

Affiliate Marketing
In Affiliate marketing getting people to pull out there wallet and buy a product you are promoting by email is a very valuable skill. Once mastered leaves the marketer able to write their own paycheck for life.
Furthermore, affiliate marketing is not only valuable for those selling other peoples products. You can build an extra income stream from affiliate marketing that runs parallel to your business. This also provides your customers added value while at the same time allowing you to rake in some side cash.

Whether it is a fortune 500 company or an auto dealership the most highly paid people tend to be the salesmen. They are the ones working the front lines converting leads into purchases.
Thankfully, people starting out in affiliate marketing don’t need the hard sales skills required in the boardroom or the sales floor. If you choose the right niche, set up your website correctly, and follow proven steps to grow your audience, you can generate affiliate income.
All you need is to drive traffic to your website, build your email list where you can provide value, and follow up with them on a regular basis with great quality content and related offers for them to buy.
Affiliate Marketing Is Not About Hard Selling
Up to 95% of Americans are sales-averse, i.e. they don’t likeAffiliate Marketing trying to sell to people AND they don’t like high-pressure sales tactics used on them. Yet, they are willing to consider offers from people they know, like and trust. This is where you and your subscriber list come in. You might have heard the old saying, “people hate to be sold but they love to buy”.
In this era of high-level social media marketing and the 24-hour information cycle, sending e-mails to your list remains the most profitable (and reliable) sales tactic in affiliate marketing.
When it comes to email marketing, this doesn’t have to be something difficult to do. You can send emails as if you are talking to a friend or customer. Conversational emails tend to do well vs more “professional” emails. This makes writing emails a lot easier as you don’t have to be a master copywriter.
Not only that, plain text e-mails often work best. They’re easy on the eyes and convey a sense of honesty and authenticity to your reader. Don’t fall into the trap of creating fancy time-consuming emails that don’t convert.
Affiliate MarketingYou can save time and money NOT having to write a fancy newsletter with nice graphics. Just send a plain-text email to your prospects and customers as you would to a friend.
 Tips & Tricks
Consider some of these tried and true tricks for your upcoming e-mail campaigns:
  • Highlight the product’s features and how it benefits your customer.
  • Avoid repeating and stay on point.
  • Personalize your recommendation -Explain why you recommend this product. Mention yours and other buyers’ positive results with the product.
  • Don’t overdo the links! One affiliate link halfway through the text and a second link near the end of the text is a good way to go.
  • Combine e-mails with other promotion methods (product reviews, bonuses. etc)

There Are Several Traits Successful Affiliate Marketers Share

Being consistent, meaning they are emailing their list, providing useful content, or staying in touch with their audience in some way at least once per week. Don’t think you are “annoying” your list as long as you are delivering relevant offers or content that can help them.
Affiliate MarketingSecond, knowing when its time to move on to a different product. The best marketers use tools to measure their performances and are open to criticism and suggestions from subscribers and colleagues. Also, Never get discouraged if your marketing idea fails, Just move on to the next one.
Third, successful affiliate marketers don’t measure themselves on money alone. Many beginners in affiliate marketing say something like, “When I make such and such amount for a year straight Ill know I made it.” Hard to argue with that, since making money online is a powerful motivator. But, you would do better to measure the effect on a customer with the products you introduce. Provide value and the money will follow…
Lastly, the most valuable advice I received as an affiliate marketer – and which I am passing on to you today – is to be respectful to your list at all times. They are allowing you in their lives and are the ones who will put money into your pocket.
It is your job to give your list meaningful content that addresses their wants and needs as well as offering only the best products that match your audience. Don’t send weight loss offers to your list if they signed up with you for dating advice (you don’t want a lot of people mad at you for insinuation). Follow the above advice and you’ll have all the success as an affiliate marketer you’ve ever dreamed of.

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