For Starting, Building and Designing your Online Brand-

Learn Build Profit ‘LBP’ — Committed to providing value for your brand while controlling cost. Everything on this list is available free or with a free trial use to help with your eCommerce website development.

It’s hard to make it in today’s Internet marketing world. Why should you have to shell out thousands of dollars to launch your brand? When you can get for free things like building your Website, Design, Coaching, and Software.

There are tons of Free resources on the web that you can start a legit business for under $100. Talk about low risk!

Learn Build Profit ‘LBP’ is a small start-up like you. By offering real value to people like you, We can also build our network.

We would like to grow into a trusted name in the industry. Your brand is Important to LBP! Here are some free resources to help you start out with little-to-no money.

Best Platforms To Build Your Storefront- – The best Store building platform period. They offer an all-in-one software to allow you to open shop and start taking orders instantly.  They have over 250000 users and offer the best support I have ever seen.  


  • One click responsive themes
  • Hosting is included
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easily add powerful features from the app store
  • Automatically recover abandoned carts
  • Import large product catalogs quickly
  • Easy to manage your team
  • Manage your store from the Shopify ios iPhone and Android apps
  • Plenty of payment gateways to choose from
  • Use Shopify payments for reduced rates
  • The Shopify point of sale (pos) iPad app
  • Easy to use reports
  • Powerful marketing features
  • Almost an “all in one” platform for eCommerce website development

TRY IT OUT FREE >>shopify – Join the funnel craze. Ever wonder what a sales funnel is? Well with Clickfunnels you get an all in one place to build awesome landing pages and set up completely automated sales funnel.

Once set up, all you have to do is drive traffic to it. Then just sit back and watch the sales pour in.

Clickfunnels has a ton of training to walk you through the set-up. This is the best and easiest way to kickstart your online business and lower the overall work involved.



  • Build landing pages for sales with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Create funnels to send potential customers to the right product and follow-up with them after purchase
  • Send follow-up emails and SMS messages
  • Include memberships and logins on your site
  • Design forms to gather the info you want

Ecommerce Website Development — Clickfunnels

Looking For A Free option? Try

  • Good platform for your eCommerce website development
  • Tons of plugins that allow you to do just about everything.
  • Most popular website platform online

Photo Editors- –   Basically a free Photoshop type Open source software. Very powerful but pretty high learning curve. – a Free online Photo Editor comparable to Photoshop but limited in functionality. Use this for all your photo editing needs. – Another nice option that allows some pretty cool effects. Not as powerful as Pixlr but still useful – a great resource to make things like ebook covers, cover photos for Twitter, Facebook, etc. They have layouts and free photos to use as well. Nice and useful little site. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use Canva as your go-to for all your social media images.

Stock Photo Resources-  – a good resource for free pics you just search what you need and only free to use pictures are available. – This is where to go for High-quality HD photos taken by photographers. These are huge pixel size images great for background, header, and responsive slider images. Just remember to save them as Jpegs in the editor so they compress the file size. GREAT RESOURCE! – Google has their hand in this, so this is a great resource. Just make sure you click more tools up top and change the usage rights to “labeled for reuse”. To avoid copyright infringement.

  • 5 new photographs added daily
  • Huge collection of artistic stock images
  • Nature, abstract and technology related photography

  • Ability to sort photography based on colors, categories
  • Easy to navigate system
  • Beautiful high contrast photographs

  • Beautiful landscape and city photography
  • Easy to navigate system
  • 7 new photos every Thursday
  • Royalty free images for commercial use

  • Powerful search engine for finding stock images
  • Free for commercial use
  • Extremely user-friendly interface

  • Ability to filter photography based on keywords
  • Beautiful stock photography for any field
  • Over 600 free images available

  • Fabulous lifestyle photography
  • Easy to navigate system
  • Hundreds of photographs available for personal and commercial use

  • Large community of photographers contributing
  • Easily sortable based on stock image category
  • Perfect images for blogs and online storesExtra

Extra Photos for your eCommerce website development:

  • 10 new stock photos every 2 weeks
  • Amazing lifestyle photography
  • Extremely easy to navigate

  • Trendy overhead photographs of desks
  • High-quality stock images for use

  • Perfect for any food-related website
  • Extremely high-quality stock photographs
  • Makes use of trendy overhead stock images

  • Landscapes and nature related photography
  • Free for commercial use images
  • Perfect for hero images

  • Very easy to navigate
  • Extremely high-quality stock images
  • City and “real life” photography

  • Extremely high-quality stock images
  • Abstract and portrait photography
  • Free images for commercial use

  • Free images for commercial use
  • New photographs added weekly
  • Humor, and high contrast photography

  • 7 new photos every 7 days
  • Landscape and nature-focused photography
  • Free high-resolution images

  • Free stock images to download
  • Use for personal and commercial purposes
  • Nature and abstract stock photographs

  • Extremely high-resolution photography
  • New photography added weekly
  • Copyright-free images

  • Beautiful high-resolution stock images
  • Perfect for a tech-related website
  • Focuses on start-up photography

Free Icons-

Iconfinder: Free icon section of the website

Fontello: Icon fonts generator

Flat Icon: A search engine for 16000+ glyph vector icons.

Material Design Icons: 750 Free open-source glyphs by Google.

Font Awesome: The iconic font and CSS toolkit.

Glyphsearch: Search for icons from other icon databases.

MakeAppIcon: Generate App Icons of all sizes with a click.

Endless Icons: Free flat icons and creative stuff.

The Noun Project: Thousands of glyph icons from different artists.

Perfect Icons: A social icon creation tool.

Material Design Icons: 750 Free open-source glyphs by Google.

SEO Resources-


Smallpdf – Free online image compression. It does a lot more than that too. You can split PDF’s, combine PDF’s. Convert file formats.ETC. I use this service so much they should charge me. But it’s free.  

Learn Build Profit ‘LBP’–  We have a great guide for improving Store Optimization.

Google Pagespeed Insights – Check the performance of your site.

I highly recommend you check out the Open Site Explorer at Moz. It allows you to see how many root backlinks your competitors have and will give you an idea of what you have to do to beat them out for the top spot on Google.

SEO Site Checkup: Check your website’s SEO problems for free.

Quick Sprout: Complete analysis of your website.

Keyword Research –

SERPs Rank Checker: Free keyword rank & SERP checker.

Google Keyword Planner: If you have an Adwords account they have a very good keyword research tool to see how much any keyword is searched. A must-have for your eCommerce website development toolkit.

There are more out there but most of them only give you a few searches for free. Google lets you do as many as you need so there really is no reason to go anywhere else.  But just to be thorough here is another option  An alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

Free Marketing Resources-

Shopify E-commerce Report: Shopify Tools to help you do all sorts of things free.

Want to see how much traffic your competitors get and where they get it from?

Check out

Use this tool to find out where your competitors are advertising at and then you can steal some of their traffic by going to those sites and buying ad space. This is a proven way to get highly relevant traffic for the best price.

Free Email Autoresponders, and CRMs-

MarketHero: A wonderful autoresponder that has the latest in Stat tracking. It keeps track of sales and lets you know your Long-Term Value(LTV) of a lead. I use it and very satisfied.

Benchmark: Free to start, has a nice form builder and you get automation with the free account.

MailChimp: Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.

HubSpot: They now offer free use of their CRM platform.

Ebook creator –  – A great Open source ebook manager and editor. Allows everything you need to manage, edit, and convert files into ebooks. – The best office suite available in my opinion. You can create anything using the Google tools for free. This was done in google docs. I use it for everything from word processing to Slide presentations.

You can easily create ebooks and download them utilizing many file types. There is just too much to list here. Google owns the internet with this one. Just assume they are apart of everything and going to play a big part in your eCommerce website development.

  • Business plan
  • Letterhead
  • Presentations
  • .epub converter
  • Illustrations
  • Ebook creation
  • .Pdf converter
  • Forms

Need a Free Phone number that you can call, text and voicemail?

Check out Google Voice

I was able to use this free service to grab a custom number for my business.

How cool is that? All for free.


While this list is not exhaustive, I hope you derived some value from this list of resources for eCommerce website development.


Check out our article on Store Optimization

I will add to this list often with more great eCommerce website development resources.

Have a resource you want to add? Please send it to us through our contact page and we will review it.


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