Should You Be Using Email Templates?

What Is an Email Template?

email template An email template is a pre-written email that follows a basic outline based on the subject matter and desired result.
Benefits of an Email Template
What is an email template good for? Email templates are a great resource. Using one allows you to write emails faster, have consistent formatting, and helps with brand awareness. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the benefits.

Brand Awareness

A big part of email marketing is the style in which your audience perceives you. Having the same writing style throughout your communication outlets helps with recognition. Over time this will lead to better trust from your subscribers. The more trust you gain the more sales you make.


Time Savings

The #1 reason to use anemail template email template is the time savings. Nothing in life or business is more important than time as it is a finite commodity. There is only so much of it and it runs out. We as entrepreneurs need to budget our time. The less time we spend on 1 task the more we can do in a day. Every time we need to send a new email, we can leverage our past work by making a few changes to a pre-written template. If you can get good at building out email templates you can save massive time and get more done and make more money.

Consistent Formatting

A lot like brand awareness, having consistent formatting aids in trust and professionalism. Using pre-formatted email templates reduces mistakes and keeps your message on point. This is especially true if you send bigger graphics filled newsletters. It can help prevent mistakes, forgotten sections, and act as a guide to easily and quickly complete your newsletters.

Ways to create email templates.


Create Your Own Email Templates

email templateYou can spend some time creating your own from scratch. It’s the best choice as it will be completely in your own voice. What I do is write an email as normal that I would send out anyway and save it as a template and name it according to the goal of the email. An example would be a welcome email. You can write this once and save it then use it for any email you need to send as a welcome in the future. Just change out a few things to suit and send.
This way allows you to create templates organically during the everyday workflow.
  • Outsource Your Email Templates
  • If you don’t have the skills to create your email templates then you can hire it out. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have very talented people that will do the work for a reasonable price.
  • Do a google search for free email templates in your niche.
  • Make sure you search for templates specific to your niche. If I were in the dating niche I would search for “free email template examples for dating products”.
  • There are always people giving away free email templates as a lead magnet. The good thing is that there is a template for whatever you need out there. You just have to find one that works for your business.
email templateA big mistake people make is trying to reinvent the wheel. If you try to do everything yourself you will spend way too much time learning and never reach your goals. Being successful is knowing when to do it or when to copy it. Most things can be re-purposed to fit your needs… so don’t waste your time creating from scratch.

Beginner Tip:

Look for other peoples newsletters in your inbox and get ideas from them.

Conclusion- What have we learned?

  • Email templates are a very useful tool for saving time and being consistent with your marketing.
  • We now know that making templates isn’t as scary as it sounds.
  • You don’t have to be some master copywriter or graphic artist to deliver top of the line content to your audience.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to
  • Re-purpose emails you have received from other more experienced marketers.
  • Never outright copy another person’s emails but instead use it as a model for your own.
It is best to use an email autoresponder service that is friendly to marketers, such as AWeber. It’s an inexpensive way to maintain your email list and make sure your messages reach the inbox. If you are not using an autoresponder your emails are most likely hitting the spam box for no one to see.
email templateUpgrade to a service like Aweber today! Tons of features for under $20/month and you can try them out free for 30 Days.

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