Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset

You did it! You just took action and just became a member of what I call the Top 20% Club .

I want to congratulate you as you just beat out 80% of others by signing up for the Free Entrepreneur Mindset. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now the real work starts. Look, We got you in the Top 20% now we need to work on getting you into the correct mindset for success. But first we need to get a couple things out of the way.

First: Who am I?

Good question. My Name is Tim Novak, I am a lot like you. I am an aspiring Internet Marketer wading through the bottomless pit of endless Gurus and Super Systems. Desperately trying to find one that actually works.  

I have spent thousands of dollars only to be left holding the bag once they have my hard earned money. Sure, some have good information but honestly all this info is readily available on youtube or google for free.

I am a serial Entrepreneur and have been self employed for most my career and almost 20 years in the online market trying everything under the sun from Web Hosting to blogging.


I now run a successful Online resale and arbitrage business.  It’s ok money but will never make me wealthy. The income ceiling is very capped unless you want to hire a team of people and spend your days working for your business.

I don’t want to work for my business, I want my business to work for me!

So that brings me to today. Talking to you about discovering the proper mindset.

The lesson I’ve learned from this very expensive education is ‘Only I can make myself successful’. The secret to success is a shocking one: It’s called hard damn work.  

“No guru is going to Uber you to the top. The only way to get there is to drive yourself” – Tim Novak

No SYSTEM, PLATFORM, SOFTWARE, BOOK, Or TRAINING COURSE is going to magically install in your brain all the skills needed to be successful without you doing the required work. Osmosis is just a myth. So quit looking for the easy way.

You have been told all your life that nothing is ever handed to you and nothing is ever FREE. These statements still ring true today.

Let me ask; Would you spend countless hours to teach someone how to develop the correct skills and mindset it takes to be successful for free?  I didn’t think so! So why would you ever expect that some random stranger online would? Silly right?

I see it over and over, and I have been guilty of it as well. I would join a program then get mad when they tell me to go buy this piece of software or I am going to need this in order to continue.  

So, Why was I shocked by this? Because my mindset was off in some fantasy wonderland where lollipops drop from the sky and money grows on trees.  Having the correct mindset is paramount to everything else. PERIOD.

Now let’s dig into what the proper mindset looks like.

What is Mindset and How does it relate to business?

The best way I can explain this to you is by sharing the email I send to my team members when they signup for their free membership at ‘The Four Percent Group’. This is a program that I am heavily invested in. You should be too!

Here is that email:

Hello [team members name],

I am so happy you decided to take your business seriously and grab your free membership in The Four Percent Group.

Now, I want you to be super successful so let me share something that will help you greatly.

Listen,  In your job do you have tools? Right? Whether it be a hammer or a pen, you have what you need to do your job correctly? or another example…you enroll in college do you not buy your books? Of course you do.

Well it’s the same thing here. Why would you start a business and not have the proper tools to do your job? Doesn’t make sense does it? But this is the mindset that 96% of wanna be entrepreneurs have. We have to pull you out of that. I am going to tell you the absolute truth.

There is never a reward if there is no risk. How many successful entrepreneurs out there achieved success by NOT investing capital in their business? NONE! Do not fool yourself by thinking there is some magical solution that doesn’t cost anything but the membership fee.

This is what they call magical thinking.

Let me tell you why the other 96% of people who signed up ends up failing. It’s because they did not want to pay to upgrade and acquire the proper tools for their trade.

They came in with the mindset of being successful. But, when faced with the real chance they buckled under pressure and said to themselves “I am not going to risk(invest) my money to get the proper tools that everyone in this industry has to have. I can do it without spending money”.  Now does that sound like the proper mindset to be successful? I don’t think so!

You joined through my link and now you are on my team. I am here to help you be successful. I am not trying to hurt you. It all starts with trust and I am going to earn that.

I just need you to work with me as well. OK?

I am going to be upfront with you always. Here are the tools and cost you will need at the bare minimum to be successful in the Four Percent Group

The Pro Membership to 4%- $49/month- This is your homebase or your core. This is where you will learn from the step by step training provided, get your plug and play sales funnels and also set up your MSI (Multi Streams Of Income).

It is very important to follow the 7 steps exactly as laid out, do not deviate. If you run into any roadblocks just contact me and I will help you overcome it. (You are on my team remember?)

Now you need a  platform so you can create a landing page to collect emails for your list- There are many choices available. NOTE:This step scares people but to be honest it is one of the easiest things you need to do. You will watch videos showing you exactly how this is done. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Here are the two main platforms for landing pages:

  • Clickfunnels$97/month -Easy to use feature packed but $$$
  • Leadpages$48/month – harder to use not as many features but cheaper.

The Four Percent recommends Clickfunnels as it is the top platform available currently.

I personally use a company called GetResponse and I will explain why later.

You will need an Autoresponder–  this is a platform where you manage your contacts and set up email campaigns, grow your list etc… If you don’t have one of these you can’t send follow up emails and this is where you will convert the most paid members to your team.

List of autoresponders:

  • Getresponse– 30 day trial then $15/month for the basic. This should be fine for you to start

  • Mailchimp- free-$199+/month. DON’T USE – they are very unfriendly to affiliate marketers.

  • Aweber– $19/month and goes up as you grow. Very popular option

  • TrafficWave– $17/month – I don’t know too much about them but I have heard they are decent for the price. They are a Traffic exchange at their core but also have an  autoresponder and landing page creator. So for only $17/month I can see why people choose them. I just don’t trust them yet.

I use Getresponse because you can buy their $15/month plan and add ‘Advanced Landing Pages’ as an add on for an additional $15 month. So for $30/month you get a top tier autoresponder and landing page creator.

With this setup you won’t need the higher packages as you won’t use the extra features until your list grows past 1000 members. By then you will be making money to cover the expenses.

Ok, the last couple things you will need.

Clickmagic$17/month This is vital for your success. It allows you to track your links so you can determine which traffic source is working and measure the conversion rates. It also allows you to wrap your affiliate links so you can use them in emails and platforms like facebook. You can also create rotator links so you can split test multiple funnels at once. Trust me you need it.

Namecheap domain and private email host – $20/Year. You will want to use your own TLD Top Level Domain. Always use .com this allows for another blanket for your affiliate links and it’s just more professional.

So Let’s total up the cost for your tools.

If you go the top route recommend by the Four Percent you will pay

  1. The Four Percent $49 membership to awesomeness
  2. Clickfunnels $97 landing pages
  3. Getresponse $79 autoresponder
  4. Click magic- $17 link tracker


Total – $242/month and $20/year for your domain name and email. Still not bad for a business start up.

If you follow my lead here is what it will cost. Disclaimer: If you don’t know anything about creating landing pages or you are completely new then I recommend you use Clickfunnels as it is very easy.

  1. The Four Percent $49 Awesomeness
  2. Getresponse $30 Autoresponder and Landing page
  3. Click magic- $17 link tracker.


Total – $96/month and $20/year for your domain name and email. See isn’t nice to have me on your team? All for under $100/month. Why spend more?

Now is that a lot to spend on a business and have all the right tools? I don’t think so!

So There you go. I was completely honest with you about this Program. I need you to be successful so I can be successful. That’s how a team works. I am not your leader I am your teammate. I share what’s working for me and you share what’s working for you. Then we all succeed.

I hope you make the right decision to go PRO and grab your proper toolset. But if you don’t then please feel free to take advantage of the free training The Four Percent provides it is second to none.

If you need to get ahold of me please reply to this email or message me on facebook @Tnovakow

Talk soon,

Tim Novak

Working with Tim


So that is an example of the proper mindset you will need to have in order to succeed at affiliate marketing.  You can’t expect to be successful at getting people to sign up for your offers if you are not even willing to purchase it yourself. Makes sense doesn’t it.  

Now you know how to think about starting a business in the affiliate marketing niche. It’s all about having the right mindset everything else is secondary.

Let’s take a little quiz:

Which phrase is the correct mindset to have.

  1. I want to be successful but I am afraid to spend any money on myself. I don’t have the confidence.

  1. These guys are just trying to get my money. I don’t need any of these stupid tools. I can just post on facebook and people will join all day long.

  1. I understand that I will need at least $100/month and some capital set aside to drive quality traffic to my offers. This will allow me to learn what works and what doesn’t and eventually be able to get a positive roi and scale up to where I want to be.  Furthermore, I will model my actions on those that already are where i want to be and I will reach out to people who I think can help me succeed and always strive to provide real value to my team members. I’m not just out for their money.

Which mindset would you want to have? ___

I hope you chose number 3 as this is the perfect mindset to have when beginning anything in business and life.

You must give in order to take. Remember that and you will be better off than 96% of the population. Now, Do you think you have what it takes to be a four percenter?

I hope you found value in this report. It was my goal to get you in the correct mindframe of successful people. Shoot me an email at TimNovak@Learnbuildprofit.com and let me know if you did?

I hope you will take advantage of the free reports I will be sending out in my WWT Reality Series.

Onwards and upwards,

Tim Novak

Learn Build Profit

P.S- If you don’t have enough money to afford to lose then please save up before attempting any program or business. A good way to get extra money is to sell some things you don’t use anymore that way you minimize the risk and have a better chance. Scared money doesn’t make money!


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