Feeling like a Failure In life? Learn How To Stop Failing And Have Success In Life

Are You Allowing Failure to Get The Best Of You?

Too many bumps in the road? Feeling like you are a failure in life? Do you really want to experience success in life? You are not alone.  ~90% of people fail at being successful in their own businesses. Why do you think that is?

You hear all kinds of excuses, let’s look at some popular ones:

  • I ran out of money
  • I can’t make any sales
  • The economy is down
  • This happened or That happened
  • I just have bad luck
  • I’m a failure in life
  • Too much risk
  • It’s just not the right time <- This is a big one!
  • It’s just a scam, no one makes money online

Sound familiar? I hear them all the time. Heck, I’ve even used the above excuses myself.

Look, It’s human nature to immediately question everything. But, If all we do is question everything and never take a step forward then failure in lifehow do we expect to accomplish our dreams?

The answer is we can’t. Success takes action. Without action, nothing gets done period.

We can sit all day and plan things out, dream about all the money we could be making, but are we taking any action at all? Statistics show we are not.

We are stuck in place and too afraid to take that first step.

Motivational Story 

I have a friend that is a struggling entrepreneur, He told me he is about to lose his business and he just doesn’t see any way out of it. Then he asked me what’s the “Magic Bullet” to be successful?

Magic Bullet? I said, what magic bullet? There is no such thing. I then asked him, what are you afraid of? What’s the worst that can happen? He responded with the usual things like I will go bankrupt, I will have to move, my wife and friends will think less of me etc….

As you can see he is stuck in place, He is so afraid of all those fears that they consume him. So, I asked him, failure in life What have you done to get yourself out of this and save your business? Did you know he couldn’t tell me one thing? So he has been stuck in place for the last year just consumed by his fears and afraid to take that important first step. Not taking any action.

We all have ups and downs, In business and life. Being successful is how you deal with them.

Save money so you can Prepare for the down times. If you are down then you need to dig yourself out and the only way to do that is keep moving forward.

Don’t let your perceived fears and past failure in life hold you in place

Think of everything as a challenge and attack it right away. Fear is what holds us back, courage is what moves us forward, fortitude is what allows us to reach our dreams. You may fail BUT, you could also WIN!!!  Guaranteed to fail If you don’t try.

This is what separates those that are successful from the rest of us out here stuck in place.

Remember what you’ve been told all your life. It takes hard work to make it and if it was easy everyone would do it.  

Exhaust every minute of your day moving forward. It will pay off in the end.

Russell Brunson said in one of his seminars and I am paraphrasing here:

“People have a vision of their dream in their head, The reason they won’t take that first step is that they think what if I fail?, Then I won’t have my dream anymore. – Russell Brunsonfailure in life

That made a lot of sense to me.

So, I started looking at why I wasn’t being successful. I did feel like a failure in life.

However, the answer was ME. Stuck in place and nobody or nothing to blame. It wasn’t anything else, It was me. 


Take that first step today to reach your dreams, forget about what everyone thinks and just start moving. You will have naysayers trying to add fear to your dream and slow you down with their own fears, tell them you will let them know when you are hiring. Because you’re an entrepreneur, not an employee.

So, has this little lesson maybe sparked something inside of you to get you unstuck. If it has I would love to know about it in the comments section below.

I get asked a lot If I have a training course. Unfortunately, I have not yet put together a course of my own. But, if you are new to making money online and want to jump ahead of 95% of everyone else — Then take a look at my Resources page for up to date resources page. 

Talk again soon,

Tim Novak

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