How To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Optin Page

You can build the best Optin, write the best Welcome series, and have the best Lead Magnet, But if you don’t generate targeted traffic to your optin pages, it won’t mean anything.  Generating targeted traffic is one of the best skills you can learn. Do it right and you can write your own check for life.

Here are some popular ways to generate targeted traffic to your Optin

Free methods:

Blogging –

Generate Targeted Traffic

Blogging is a great way to generate targeted traffic for free. You simply write a bunch of blog articles about your niche and optimize them with good keywords, unique content and the search engines will do the rest.

This method takes a lot of time and effort writing good content, but once the work is done it will work for you for life. Each article you write is like hiring a salesman that works 24/7 without complaint and for free forever. I think you can see the value in this. 50 to 100 Good quality 1000+ word blog posts and you can generate a ton of free traffic.  

Social media –

Generate Targeted Traffic

Social media is another good way to generate free traffic. I would focus on three things.

  • Facebook groups- Join other related groups and start interacting and answer some questions. After a couple days you can start sending friend requests and when they accept you can invite them to your group and get them to optin from there.
  • Instagram – If you can build a following on Instagram you can generate a lot of free targeted traffic. Here’s what you do- Find someone in your niche that has a lot of followers. You then start following their followers and a percentage will follow you back. Depending on your niche the follow back rate can be as high as 25-30%
  • Pinterest –  People forget about Pinterest but they have over 200 million visitors a month and they are #1 in terms of sales generated. Similar to the Instagram method you find popular people or boards and follow the followers. They ten to follow back at a rate between 25-50% you will need to build out about 10-20 boards with around 20 pins each. Make it nice and focused and people will start following you organically. I get between 50-100 organic followers a day. You can see how it can grow fast.  Master Pinterest and you got 1000’s of targeted buyers visiting your site.

That’s just a few of the free sources available.

Paid Traffic Methods-

Generate Targeted Traffic


Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a blanket term of when any publisher pays any platform that is offering advertising to display an ad and only get charged when a visitor clicks on the ad.

PPC is a great way to spend your advertising dollar. Some platforms work better than others but if you need a reliable steady stream of targeted visitors, You can’t go wrong with running a Pay Per Click campaign. Companies like Facebook, Google Adwords, and Bing Ads are all great examples of PPC advertising.

Pay Per Click Campaigns offer some great features. You can optimize your ads to only the best-performing Keywords, Demographics and Placements. A well-optimized campaign can run profitably for years.

It’s important to note that Facebook with its over 2 Billion monthly users has become one of the top methods people and companies go to generate targeted traffic. The ease of use and the flexibility of Facebook ads make it an attractive traffic source. There are people that use Facebook as their only source of traffic because of the limitless pool of prospects, extreme targeting and low Cost Of Acquisition.  With worldwide ad revenues in 2018 of over 33 billion, it is clear that Facebook is and will remain a dominant force in the online advertising market.  

Solo Ads –

Generate Targeted Traffic

A Solo Ad is when you pay someone who has an email list to send an advertisement for your offer to their list with the hope that the list will match with your offer and you can get some of the people on his list to buy or at least join your list. Optin rates are usually around 15-20% but can be a lot higher if the offer is right. 50% optins are not unheard of.

Solo ads can be a good steady source of targeted traffic and is a great way to grow your list steadily.  But there are some unscrupulous sellers out there that will try and send you fake clicks.

Thankfully, there are sites you can go to that will offer protection against this. The biggest one being Udimi. They have some very good sellers there and you can find good deals as well. Udimi has tools that track the clicks and make sure they are not fraudulent. If there is ever a problem it can be resolved very quickly.

I buy from there and have had some good success. Solo Ads is probably the fastest and easiest way you can generate targeted traffic and grow your email list.

Influencers –

Generate Targeted Traffic

Another great way to drive paid traffic is to buy shout-outs from people that are related to your target audience. The process is pretty simple. You find the influencer and send him a message asking if he would be open to selling a shout out for your offer or product.

Don’t be discouraged if you get some no’s. Just stick with it and there will be plenty of people who would be happy to do it. I mean who doesn’t like money right?

OK, that is a few ways you can pay to generate targeted traffic. There are more ways but these are the easiest.

Smart Tip #1

Learn how to do keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner. You can save time and money by knowing exactly what keywords to target and the search volume they get.

Starting with well-researched keywords will help you optimize faster leading to quicker and higher returns on investment (ROI). There are plenty of videos on youtube that teach keyword research. Learn it! Use it!


You Got Traffic Now let’s Make Sure Your Optin Is Set Properly.

The purpose of your Optin page is to capture the customer’s email before forwarding them on to another part of your sales funnel.

This page is usually set up with three things:

  1. A headline text-  The headline text is the big text that will grab the visitors attention and say something catchy that explains what the offer will do.

Optin Example

  1. A second smaller line of text briefly explaining a little more about the product or benefits.

Optin Example

  1. An Email Optin Form – This is where the visitor will enter their personal information. Usually their name and email.

Optin Example

When these three things are set up it should look something like this.

Optin Example


Now that we know how to Generate Targeted Traffic and have built our optin its time to start sending traffic.

It’s important to note that you should offer a Lead Magnet on your optin page. This could be a blog article, ebook, pdf, a presell or sales page, or simply an affiliate link. The point is no matter where you send them it should be trying to advance them further into your sales funnel. Our ultimate goal with an Optin is to get the email address, but we still want to try for an immediate sale.

The best way is to link whatever your lead magnet is to the submit button. So, after they enter their name and email and press submit it redirects them immediately to the lead magnet while at the same time adding them to our list. I prefer this approach better than sending them the freebie in the welcome email. Far too often they never even open the welcome email. I want them looking at my freebie so they are still engaging with my sales funnel.

Doing this is a very good use of our traffic. We want to use our website traffic for as long as possible. It would be a shame for a visitor to just optin and be done. That’s leaving money on the table.

Smart Tip#2

No matter what you give as the lead magnet (freebie) it should also have a sales pitch in it somewhere. This is another opportunity to convert the customer for some quick revenue.

So we learned three ways to generate targeted traffic free and 3 ways to get paid traffic. My goal was to show you where to start on traffic and how to finish out your optin.  Enter your email below if you want to be notified of my next post.

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