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This article will focus on good dropshipping products and we will be using Aliexpress to source your products and assume’s you have a store set up and a niche picked out.

Tactic 1- Finding good dropshipping products. 

To find good FREE PLUS SHIPPING products you would go to Facebook and in the search field at the top left-hand side. Type in the product you are thinking of selling in the following ways:

  • Batman watch free plus shipping
  • iPhone 7 case you just pay shipping
  • Ring just cover shipping+/-cost
  • Free limited time…

If you don’t know what type of products you are going to sell. Search like this:

  • free plus shipping
  • just pay to ship
  • just cover shipping
  • free limited time

Here’s an example….

Good Dropshipping Products

To find higher priced products (recommended)

You simply search like this:

  • Survival watch limited time
  • Ipad get it before it’s too late
  • Facebook ad coaching Limited time

What this does is weeds out the results you don’t need by including sales phrases/keywords. Every ad has a call to action to create urgency so you can use this to your advantage to target successful products.

Now, let’s focus on the quality of the results. You want to look for ads that have high engagement such as 1k plus likes, A boat load of shares, and comments will tell you everything.

Furthermore, Always check the comments to see how the audience is reacting to the message.  You want a lot of posts that only have people tagged in them or post that say got mine, just ordered, etc… This means they are sharing to people that may be interested in your product.(great way to target) and also people are buying.

So now you have people selling your product for you as a trusted friend of your target audience. This will help tremendously as it adds credibility to your product.

Finally, find as many of these good dropshipping products that you can and write them all down. Literally, exhaust the results. This may take hours. But it will be worth it in the end when you have a couple great selling products you can scale-out. Furthermore, You should take screenshots of the ones you are going with. This allows you to examen the competitors copy and get ideas for your own. Never shy away from hard work!

Dropshipping Product that sells

Now that we have good dropshipping products let’s dig a little deeper on the Free plus shipping product we found.

Next, you will go to the Facebook page of the ad creator to see how he is doing with engagement. Things to note are how many likes the page has, how involved the followers are and how he interacts with his followers. Write all this down next to the ad info that you gather above to keep it all compartmentalized. Work smarter not harder!

product research

Then go to his website. You are looking at a few things here. First, How is his site set up? What urgency tactics is he using? Does he have a product review system in place? If so check the reviews and make sure they are good. A lot of reviews means he is selling that product and this will validate the engagement on his ad’s. That’s exactly what you want to see.  If he only has 2 reviews. He is not selling enough and you can chalk the high Ad engagement up to lookie lou’s that just think the product is cute. You don’t want to spend tons of money just to make people laugh. You want them to buy right?

proper product research

Check For Reviews- Aliexpress Good Dropshipping Products research

Tactic 2 – Aliexpress

Go to and enter your product in the search box. Once the products populate, you will need to sort the products in two ways.


Sort by orders. This is going to bring up the most sold products in that category. You want to look at how many items they have sold. In a perfect world, you would have ones with 20k plus sold. But often you are stuck with the highest being 500-600, unfortunately, these types of numbers are not going to cut it unless it’s a big-ticket item. Like 30-60 bucks.

Also, you do NOT want to try and sell $3 items that only have a few hundred sales. You should only be using these products to offer a Free Plus Shipping offer to get people to your store.  The reason being that they are not products that are going to make you thousands every day in sales. You want the powerhouses and that’s why this process is so important.This information is readily available to you for free so why would you not be using it. Put in the hard work and sweet results follow! 

Aliexpress Good Dropshipping Products research


( Our dropshipping product research did not work out for this one. but, if it did, We would move on to this step)

Sort by the week’s best-selling to get an idea of what products are trending at the moment. You want to stay on top of the trends as products can die out fast and you don’t want to be stuck not making any sales while you are trying to research a new product. If you are proactive with this you will always have a product or two that are selling well.

Use all the info you gathered to make an educated guess at which products would do the best. Just keep on finding good dropshipping products and add them. Add and remove products to keep your store fresh. This will add to the legitimacy of your store and is just one of the trust points you want to hit. Keep adding products as you find them.

Also, make sure to remove products as they die out to keep your store fresh. This will keep your revenue high. You don’t want to end up with a burnt-out product and now you have to go find more while no sales are coming in.  Be Proactive.

Only use suppliers that offer Epacket as a shipping option. This will save you a lot of headaches as your item/s will deliver faster. Some suppliers don’t offer it and it can take months to reach your customer and you will be answering a lot of complaint emails. With

With e-packet, your customers will get their item in as little as a week or 2. Most people don’t mind this but to be safe make sure it’s listed in your product description. I find it’s always best not to try to hide a negative instead find a way to celebrate it.

trending drop ship products

Tactic- 3

Finally, This is just a quick add onto your research above.

Now, Go to eBay and Amazon and filter your products the same way as Aliexpress. This will add more credibility to your research by confirming people are buying.

That is how you properly research good dropshipping products. I hope this has given you a clearer picture of what goes into being a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

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Cheers and happy hunting,

Tim Novak

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