Retire In 100 Days? Is It Possible?

Do You Want To Retire In 100 Days?

Retire with Affiliate BootcampLook, We all have the same wish. We wish we could retire to a beach somewhere and leave the rat race behind. Why do we all have this wish? I often thought about it. I think it is against the human code to have a job. We are a free willing carefree species.

If you want evidence of this then watch a group of kids playing. Then go up to them and tell them they need to spend recess cleaning the playground. Watch the reaction.

No one wants to work. We all want to play and do what we feel like. So why is it we don’t do what we feel like and live free and healthier lifestyles.

Retire with Affiliate BootcampThe answer is simple. Society. This is the reason we work jobs. We work these terrible schedules, get up when it is still dark just to be on time for a job we don’t want to do, a boss that we don’t want to listen too, and a paycheck that barely feeds us.

The concept of work is an insane self-defeating concept that only benefits the people who own the companies we work for. They barely give us any benefits, in fact just enough that we keep hanging on. I’ll never forget when I heard the method on which companies set our salaries. They set them just below what people want or need just so you will keep chasing promotions and raises. This amount is just enough to get by with the basic necessities.

Well after I heard that I knew I couldn’t work a normal job. So I have always strived to be the person owning the company rather than working it.

Retire with Affiliate BootcampOk, So we know why we work. We need to eat and survive. But I refuse to live by that. I would rather starve than to spend the best years of my life squeezed into a cubicle.

The good news is I don’t have to. I know how you can retire and it is very simple. Generate an income that you are happy with and that doesn’t require much of your time. No more than 10 hours per week max.

You are thinking “how is this possible?” Well, it’s like this, we need to create recurring income also, known as Passive income.

Passive income is money you receive for work you already completed. It is an amazing concept. I can work now and continue to get paid for it well into the future. Sign Me Up!

Retire with Affiliate BootcampSo how can we use this concept to retire in 100 days? The answer is we work our butts off for it but we don’t work for anyone besides our self and we only do it for 100 days.

If someone told you that if you could push yourself for 100 days straight. That after which you would only need to dedicate a couple of hours of work per week to maintain and have an income of over 4k month and the lease paid on your dream car. Month after month, Year after year.

Would you do it?

Of course you would. When faced with the alternative of working 40+ hours a week for the next 50 years vs spending just 100 days focusing really hard to achieve your dreams. It is a no-brainer.

So what can we do for the next 100 days?

I want to tell you what I did. I joined a program offered by the #1 sales funnel creation software available. It is called the Affiliate BootCamp by ClickFunnels.
Retire Early with Affiliate BootcampIt is an intensive 100 day straight training that when completed you can be making over 4k a month (based on 100 referrals at the entry level rate) And as a reward for working so hard to achieve your dreams ClickFunnels will pay your car lease up to $500/month when you reach 100 referrals which is our goal for the 100 day mark.

What’s nice is that anyone can do this and the program is absolutely free. You don’t pay a dime for the 100 days worth of training. All you have to do is learn and take action on the daily tasks. All of which are to set you up for success. You get to take advantage of a program they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce all for free, All for the opportunity to retire in 100 days.

The program has many success stories and you can be the next one.  All you have to do is decide to take your life in your hands and devote yourself to 100 days.

So if this sounds like something you can and want to do then click the button below and join the affiliate bootcamp today.

Affiliate Bootcamp


Tim Novak
Learn Build Profit

P.S. If you have any questions please contact me at and I will be happy to walk you through the free set up.  Hope to talk to you soon.

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